Check out these videos that are relevant to Christian voters. Australian Christian Voter provides them as a service to readers and voters and the views expressed are not necessarily those of ACV.

The Bible Society - non-denominational and apolitical - has set up a page for the 2013 election and is keen to see the Bible and its principles in election discussion and debate.

Greg Clarke's Federal Election message 2013 from Bible Society Australia on Vimeo.

Family First's explanation of how the Senate works and why voting 1 for a minor party may help them win the hotly contested sixth Senate seat in most states (2010 election).

Politic in Focus from Adventist Media - published August 13, 2010.

Time to Vote (Politics InFocus) 13.08.10 from InFocus Christian News on Vimeo.

Christian Democratic Party NSW Senate candidate, Paul Green speaking on November 15, 2007.

Family First Senator Steven Fielding's biography

As part of an Australian Electoral Commission campaign, comedian Dave Hughes, in his usual colourful style, urges 1.4 million unregistered voters to sign up before the next election. While almost using the word featured in a recent (unsuccessful) Tourism Ausralia commercial, he does end with ringing endorsement of marriage??!!

As polling shows increased supported for the Greens, they are targeting inner city Labor seats such as Melbourne as their best chance for a seat in the House of Representatives.