The home page of Australian Christian Voter provides short, sharp postings on the latest election news from a Christian perspective.

But there are many times you want to know more about an issue or to dig deeper into a candidate or parties policies and values.

The In Depth page provides links to substantive articles, published across a range of reputable online sites, to meet your quest for knowledge, without having to spend hours searching.

In addition, when possible, the In Depth page will link to the full transcript of important speeches, particularly of political leaders, so you can see for yourself what they have to say, rather than rely on the edited versions of daily media.
Read the full text of Prime Minister Julia Gillard's Address to the National Press Club, January 30, 2013, in which she announced the Federal Election will be held on September 14. 

'And I can act to create an environment in which the nation’s eyes are more easily focussed on the policies not the petty politics.'
Read the full text of The Canberra Declaration which was released on July 23 on the lawns of Parliament House. 
Read the full text of former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's Make it Count speech.
Read the full text of Oppostion leader Tony Abbott's Make it Count speech.
Which party should a Christian vote for?
By Rowland Croucher and others
'Which party should a Christian vote for? Which party should a Christian get involved with? The way I see it is that depending on where a Christian is at in their walk with God, they will be more inclined towards one party of another. No party will completely satisfy any thinking Christian. Not even the Christian parties (the Christian Democrats and Family First)....' Read more at John Mark Ministries

The ‘Christian Vote’: help or hindrance?
By John Dickson
'He who says politics and religion do not mix understands neither one. (Mahatma Gandhi)
I am the true ‘swinging voter’. In the numerous elections of my life (beginning with the Federal election of July 1987), my personal votes have been fairly evenly split between Labor and The Liberal, or Coalition, parties. In what follows, then, I have no hidden agenda. The last thing on my mind is to influence which party you vote for.' Read more at Centre for Public Christianity.
Christians, Parties, People, or Policies? Who should Christians vote for?
By Stuart Devenish PhD
'So there’s an election due soon. Are you ready for it? Have you obtained a list of the candidates and their policies and decided who you will vote for? Or like many people, are you still working out whether Christians should be involved at all in the political process, and if so, can we make a difference?' Read more at Evangelical Alliance Faith and Politics.


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