Thursday, September 5, 2013

In the silence of the election advertising blackout, consider these Christian voter resources

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With the frenzy of electoral advertising having now entered the mandatory blackout (not before the airing of perhaps the longest single election ad of all time from Clive Palmer), Australian Christian Voter is happy to fill up all our free time by suggesting some useful resources in deciding your vote.

CPX offers oughts and ought nots

John Dickson, writing for the Centre for Public Christianity, declares himself a swinging voter and also a currently undecided one.

From this uncommitted position - with no desire to influence you to vote for a particular party or candidate (which is the same for this blog) - he provides three ways Christians ought not to vote and five ways they should.

It may not make a final decision any easier but at least you will feel you've tried if you follow John's suggestions. Visit his article: Mixing Religion and Politics.

Make it Count webcast

More than 350 churches in many parts of Australia and across most denominations signed in to Australian Christian Lobby's Make it Count 2013 Webcast which began with three minute per-recorded addresses from Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott.

Mr Rudd emphasised DisabilityCare, education, compassion for the poor. He acknowledged that some Christians may not agree with some of his political and personal decisions, but he said these had been prayerfully made in good conscience.

Mr Abbott covered a broader range of topics including families, carbon tax, refugees, charities law, gay marriage but began by honouring churches and Christians for the work they do in schools, hospitals and many other fields. He also honoured Mr Rudd for their shared-faith.

Panel members joining ACL's Lyle Shelton were Dr Megan Best, Keith Garner, John Anderson, Robert McClelland and Justine Toh. Watch below.

Make It Count 2013 Election Panel webcast from Australian Christian Lobby on Vimeo.

Three other guides

The Australian Christian Lobby canvassed political parties across 22 policy areas they believed are of importance to many Australian Christians. With a summary version and detailed option, this is probably the most comprehensive election guide you'll find - for the parties that responded. See it here.

The Bible Society of Australia has produced an electoral guide covering nine key areas and they include the Green which is a point of difference from the ACL guide. The material appears to be collation of policy material provided by parties on their website and other sources. See it here.

The Australian Christian Values Institute has produced an Australian Christian Values Checklist which allows voters to compare parties' across 21 targeted policy questions. See it here.

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